Additive manufacturing of glass: We show undreamt-of possibilities.

Additive manufacturing offers enormous design freedom in the production of components and is establishing itself in more and more scientific and economic areas. The ever-growing trend of individually manufactured components is a particular contributor to this. For most prototyping applications in the metal and plastics industries, 3D printing is therefore already the status quo. In the glass industry, things are different. The economic realization of individual glass products to industrial quality standards is not feasible with the current processes for manufacturing glass products. Here, in particular, the high temperatures and strong temperature differences required for the accurate processing of glass represent a major challenge. To overcome this hurdle, the network partners are jointly researching both small- and large-scale additive manufacturing processes for use in the glass industry.

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The objective of the network is to develop innovative products and processes to open up unprecedented possibilities for glass products.

The focus is on flexible scale, from several meters to a few micrometers, as well as process stability and of course industrial quality.

Our Vision

Glass becomes a free-form constructive material. Free-form glass products can be manufactured economically and in unimagined sizes.The realization of this vision is intended to ensure that free-form glass products that were previously technically unfeasible find their way into industry and that the product range of glass products is expanded in all branches of industry.

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Credits: Robert Akerboom, Matthias Seel Generative Design Lab, Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt

Fields of technology

In order to develop integrated solutions for additive manufacturing processes for the material glass, a wide range of competencies are represented in the network.  

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The association of science and industry enables cross-sector synergy effects to drive the development of innovative products and processes.  

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